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Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

A carnation says something
about a man.

Visit 210 : The Rajasthan II
26 Oct 2017

Funny, I don't remember Larry Grayson being there.

Visit 37 : Herb & Spice
27 Mar 2003

Alex & Richard can hardly contain their laughter as they share a joke.

Visit 193 : Curry Leaf East
26 May 2016

At last, Jeff has found someone who listens to what he is saying.

Visit 176 : Spice Trader
27 Nov 2014

Luckily, Neil fails in his "Break a glass with your bare hands" challenge.

Visit 147 : Masala
28 Jun 2012

It's very rare these days but Shampan has draught Kingfisher and Cobra. Marvellous!

Visit 95 : The Shampan
28 Feb 2008

These M&S suits are available in Large, Extra Large and "Griff" sizes.

Visit 61 : Dil Chad
29 Apr 2005


Visit 179 : Masala
26 Mar 2015

"Just close your eyes and think of England, darling."
(Robin pays for some 'hand relief' in the Lord Raglan.)

Visit 80 : City Raj
30 Nov 2006

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