Archived Gems

Lucky Dip

Take a look back at a random selection of feature photographs from our outings over the years ...

Neil (left) looks good in practice but needs to concentrate when it matters if he is to become a true "Finger Master".

Visit 192 : Strand Tandoori
28 Apr 2016

The six stages of hair loss.

Visit 197 : Eastern Eye
29 Sep 2016

Just like a pig in s**t!

Visit 94 : Herb & Spice
31 Jan 2008

A new CurryMarks sign? It's not a full or half portion ... a "large one" maybe?

Visit 208 : Standard Balti House
31 Aug 2017

Top relish!

Visit 42 : The India
28 Aug 2003

A touch of cold shoulder?
It looks like a night out with the missus!

Visit 154 : Anokha
31 Jan 2013

Don't blame the fan - Griff's hair looked like this before he got to the restaurant.

Visit 83 : Herb & Spice
22 Feb 2007

"Lick my chick" - well, that's what they said.

Visit 31 : Sheba
26 Sep 2002

After 65 barren outings, we finally managed to get a woman to agree to come out with us! Our guest was Caroline ("Cazza"). And she took a photo of the Ladies!

Visit 66 : Kasturi
29 Sep 2005

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