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August Outings

Take a look back at the feature photographs from this month over the years ...

A new CurryMarks sign? It's not a full or half portion ... a "large one" maybe?

Visit 208 : Standard Balti House
31 Aug 2017

Top deodorant!

Visit 196 : Cinnamon Tree
25 Aug 2016

Ever felt like your conscience is sitting on your shoulder, stopping you from enjoying yourself?

Visit 184 : Mumbai Square
27 Aug 2015

"The sweetest man in England" with Aneta, our Polish (unofficial) guest.

Visit 173 : Herb & Spice
28 Aug 2014

Robin presents Tim (left) with an engraved glass to commemorate his 100th appearance.
(It was actually his 102nd 'start', but that story is too long to tell here.)

Visit 161 : Salaam Namaste
29 Aug 2013

Graeme's attempt to hide his 'thin patch' only succeeds in framing it.

Visit 149 : Mumbai Square
30 Aug 2012

Fairy lights, plastic flowers, Bollywood films on a 14-inch TV?
Who said "Tacky"?

Visit 137 : Sajna
25 Aug 2011

Who's that with Richard? Oh, it's Neil - he's a Country Member.
(Altogether, now ... "Yes, I remember.")

Visit 125 : Sitar
26 Aug 2010

Just back from holiday? Or has Jeff been slapping on the fake tan in readiness for the new season of Strictly?

Visit 113 : Kasturi
27 Aug 2009

The boys did not appreciate the long wait for their drinks.

Visit 101 : Dawaat
28 Aug 2008

"If he thinks I'm going to apologise ..."

Visit 89 : Passage To India
30 Aug 2007

Goodness, gracious, me - a comedy waiter.
Actually, he was very funny and efficient.

Visit 77 : Bengal Trader
31 Aug 2006

"The Legend" attempts a 'no hands' in order to get rid of his hiccups.

Visit 65 : The Rajasthan III
25 Aug 2005

Oh, go on then Jon, tell us about Bob Taylor's Baggies career just one more time!

Visit 53 : Bengal Cuisine
26 Aug 2004

Top relish!

Visit 42 : The India
28 Aug 2003

Our new Club member?

Visit 30 : Matab's
29 Aug 2002

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